Learning curve and renewable energy

GTM research reported that 2/3 of the current PV capacity was installed during the last 2.5 years1. Since January 2011, the PV capacity has increased from 50 GW to over 100 GW. Accelerated growth rates have remarkable outcomes to the … Continued

Wind Power in Gotland, Excursion to Näsudd

Swedish politicians, journalists and other opinion leaders together with the general public gather in Visby to discuss variety of topics around society one week every summer in an event known as Almedalsveckan. Main topics this year are education and health care … Continued

Cost of a renewable energy investment

To analyze the investment profitability, several issues need to be considered. Among others, initial investment, operation and maintenance costs, cash flow of the investment, interest rate and investment time need to be analyzed in order to make the investment decision. … Continued

EU PV Markets After Anti-dumping Investigation

Prices of PV modules have dropped remarkably during the past few years – in some countries system costs are already very close to the grid parity. There are several reasons for decreasing module prices; improved manufacturing methods, technological development and … Continued

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